See more than just office space. Find the better fit for your brand.

Citadel Partners office space representation aligns your company’s business needs with our strategic planning and consulting services. We consider the full array of performance drivers across every key business objective to demonstrate how smart real estate planning can achieve multiple goals for your company.

A 360° understanding is paramount in assessing your commercial office needs.

Your brand and business strategy are key to our planning and consulting services. Understanding how you define your office asset value is our starting point in knowing how to maximize your needs so you can experience the optimum solution for lease or sale. We not only align your objectives with your P&L, but we consider other areas where real estate decisions will impact long-term investment value for owners, clients and investors.

Citadel’s decades of experience in the commercial office sector gives us a considerable edge in managing the complexity and adaptability of navigating the best outcome for our clients. Our DAAD methodology helps us focus on finding you the right commercial office solution for the right reasons by bringing a wealth of advice into the process at just the right time.

Our Integrated Business Value approach in commercial office solutions reflects a 360° understanding of both the building owner’s expectations and the client requirements that deliver a better fit to both sides of the equation.

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Investment Services

Project & Construction Management

Portfolio Administration

Integrated Business Value

See more than just your options. See what those options make possible.

Integrated Business Value (IBV) is the impact that a comprehensive real estate strategy has on your company’s business performance.

IBV-based solutions are not only aligned with your business strategy, but show you benefits specific to your company’s most critical performance drivers.

When you raise the bar beyond just price and terms, we know how to meet the challenge to find you the better fit.






Employee Loyalty




Corporate Culture

DAAD Methodology

Aligning smart solutions with new opportunities.

DAAD is our core methodology that identifies your specific business real estate needs which allows us to deliver a comprehensive real estate strategy and action plan that meets your business objectives.

Throughout this process, we create alignment that leverages your real estate investment and optimizes improvements across your entire value chain.

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Examine, Evaluate, Establish Criteria
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Facility Analysis/
Strategic Planning

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Property Research, Options & Tours

Architectural/ Space Planning & Programming

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Financial Analysis & Contract Execution

Construction Estimating & Management

Project Management

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