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Citadel Partners looks at office and industrial real estate more strategically. We’re calibrated to deliver value beyond the deal – aligning your company’s strategic goals with its real estate needs to find the better fit – the one that gives you the highest value of real estate impact on your business performance.

Occupier Services

See more than just available space.
Find the better fit for your brand.

Citadel Partners office and industrial space representation aligns your company’s business needs with our strategic planning and consulting services. We consider the full array of performance drivers across every key business objective to demonstrate how smart real estate planning can achieve multiple goals for your company.

Asset Services

We ensure tenants see your space as the better fit for their business.

Citadel Partners lives at the intersection where owner wants, needs, and ambitions meet the complex criteria that savvy tenants apply to their real estate decisions. Our extensive tenant experience helps us see your building the way prospective tenants will, positioning it in the context of their brand and business based on a demonstrable understanding of what defines value for them.

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