The Union
2300 Field Street
Dallas, TX 75201

Assignment Size

58,612 SF

Occupier Services Provided

  • Tenant Representation
  • Consulting on Architectural Design Processes
  • Consulting on Construction Management
  • Renegotiation & Extension of Existing Lease

Client Feedback

Scott Morse and Citadel Partners handle all of Weaver’s commercial office leases in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, Midland, San Antonio, Los Angeles, New York, San Diego and Oklahoma City. We use Scott and his team because, not only do we trust him completely, but we appreciate their incredible work ethic and attention to detail. Scott understands how important our work environment is to attracting and retaining top talent. He has worked with upper management to develop a strategic plan for our firm’s work environment and helps us drive consistency across all of our markets. Scott and his team also do an excellent job of negotiating our long-term leases while treating all parties with the utmost respect. Scott is an invaluable member of our team.

John Mackel
Managing Partner & CEO
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Improved Brand Secures New Talent

The Challenge

Our relationship with Weaver started with one office in Dallas, TX in 1996. Together, we have evolved with a national expansion strategy with Citadel Partners representing Weaver around the country. One of our most recent lease assignments is with The Union in Dallas, TX. The number one initiative was to potentially relocate into a facility that would better reflect the brand and significantly improve the hiring and retention of personnel at a reasonable budgetary increase.

Our Strategic Approach

  • Create a market competitive environment with various markets and deal with an existing lease balance.
  • Conduct demographics, as well as employee and client audits, to validate a relocation site that would enhance visibility in Dallas and develop strong personnel constancy.
  • Review alternative officing strategies while maintaining budgetary constraints.

The Outcome

Citadel Partners achieved a relocation agreement into a “to-be-built” live/work/play office development in Dallas, TX. We were able to validate the cultural enhancements and employee hiring and retention benefits via the relocation. Economically, even with construction costs skyrocketing, we were able to structure a long-term lease with unique ownership and reduced our facility costs by over 11%.

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