Superior Graphics

10440 Brockwood
Dallas, TX 75238

Assignment Size

22,500 SF

Occupier Services Provided

  • Tenant Representation
  • Architectural & Construction Company Solidification & Selection
  • Purchase & Sale Contract Negotiations

Client Feedback

I would not attempt it without someone with your experience to guide and assist me. Your tireless persistence and obvious concern for our needs were invaluable throughout the process.

John Ehrenberger
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The Challenge

Superior Graphics desired to acquire their own facility by capitalizing on the capital market conditions, thereby reducing facility costs and controlling future growth of the organization. Citadel Partners was challenged to locate and secure a facility conducive to the client’s needs, with a minimal existing inventory of properties to select from. The lease market was depressed and offering tremendous economic inducements to lease. Also, construction costs increased 20% from previous years.

Our Strategic Approach

  • Identify competitive financing sources
  • Competitively bid proposed work from the construction industry to minimize costs
  • Identify suitable facilities that we could purchase at a depressed value, thus reflecting the slow lease market thereby economically justifying a purchase

The Outcome

Citadel Partners secured the property from a competitive bidding situation with four other candidates. Superior Graphics achieved savings of $25,000 in architectural fees.

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