6431 Longhorn Drive
Irving, TX 75063

Assignment Size

700,000 SF 39 Acres

Occupier Services Provided

  • Strategic Planning
  • Market Research
  • Financial Analysis
  • Purchase Negotiations
  • Consulting on Project Management
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The Challenge

Maxim desired to dispose of their 200 mm semiconductor manufacturing plant which had sat idle for 7 years. While sitting idle, the property offered several very unique qualities; Maxim owned their own dual fed 70 mega-watt substation, offered over 13,000 tons of air conditioning, 700,000 square feet under roof and an additional 15 acres of undeveloped land for future expansion.

Our Strategic Approach

  • Conduct a comprehensive Discovery process to evaluate the property attributes and encumbrances
  • Complete a property Assessment to understand all of the potential adaptive re-uses and understand the associated costs
  • Conduct a complete market Alignment to study the market to identify the adaptive re-use opportunities for the property
  • Prepare a program to create a new vision for the asset, and reposition the property in the marketplace by providing collateral materials to help support the new vision for potential purchasers to understand how value could be enhanced
  • Collaborate with the City of Irving and the utility company to open channels of communication and identify available resources that could assist in the marketing effort

The Outcome

Through our Discovery, Assessment and Alignment processes, we were able to develop a new vision for a data center, mitigate potential risks to a purchaser, and alleviate the uncertainty by answering the hard questions in advance of the marketing effort. The ultimate result was a value enhancement of over $5,000,000.

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