5601 Granite Parkway
Plano, TX 75024

Assignment Size

45,000 SF

Occupier Services Provided

  • Sublease Marketing
  • Financial Modeling
  • Lease & Sublease Negotiations
  • Project Coordination & Oversight

Client Feedback

Citadel Partners succeeded on its mission of subleasing both spaces for us and was a great partner. This rightsizing and relocation to a more efficient space lowered our costs dramatically, which was our primary objective.

Brent Brown
Global Real Estate Director
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The Challenge

Invensys Systems had determined that a portion of their regional headquarters in Granite Park III in Plano, Texas had become surplus with personnel being moved to Houston, Texas. Citadel Partners was hired to sublease a portion of the Plano facility to alleviate the contingent liability of the existing lease and lower occupancy costs.

Our Strategic Approach

  • Market the existing facility to a wide variety prospective subtenants to either, terminate the existing lease, or sublease the current facility
  • Negotiate with the Landlord to create a motivation to terminate the existing lease

The Outcome

Subleased the existing facility to an international creditworthy subtenant and in turn terminate the lease with the sublease revenue and the new headquarters’ negotiated lease, we achieved a bottom line savings of 41%.

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