Electronic Transaction Consultants

Cardinal Park
1705 N. Plano Road
Plano, TX 75081

Assignment Size

45,732 SF

Occupier Services Provided

  • Market Research
  • Financial Recruiting
  • Lease Negotiations

Client Feedback

The real value add of the Citadel Partners team was their ability to work with us throughout the entire process – from market research, to site selection, design and final negotiations. Their advice and guidance led to significant savings immediately and for the next 5 years.

Tim Gallagher
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The Challenge

Electronic Transaction Consultants Corporation (ETC), a software design and implementation firm to the transportation industry, wanted to reduce costs immediately while stabilizing facility costs moving forward to better facilitate an aggressive growth initiative.

Our Strategic Approach

  • Create a market awareness of the assignment to leverage the competitive marketplace
  • Locate alternative properties that could address our needs
  • Identify creditworthy ownerships that could partner with us to address long term needs

The Outcome

Citadel Partners was able to renegotiate the existing lease saving our client 51% over the first 18 months, 28% of the next 24 months and fixing costs moving forward at a 12% overall savings.

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