The Power of Integrated Business Value

  • Operations
  • Corporate Culture
  • Finance
  • Employee Engagement
  • Brand

Don't just get more space.
Get more business performance.

For clients who understand IBV, Citadel Partners is an excellent partner to deliver the value they expect. For those to whom the concept is new, we add unexpected value across the entire real estate experience. Bring us in up front and get a solution where real estate does something more than just add more room.

IBV Performance

Integrated Business Value is a business performance multiplier. It is the value-added impact of a comprehensive real estate strategy that includes business performance drivers such as operations, finance, employee loyalty, brand, and corporate culture.

As a true real estate advisory company, Citadel Partners can assess and understand the big picture, including the vision and business strategy of our clients, as well as brand and corporate values. That knowledge is to align business and real estate strategies with forward thinking initiatives. It's a capability clients rarely connect with typical real estate firms — because it's rarely, if ever, offered.