How 1+1=11

The DAAD Advantage

DAAD is a defined process that Citadel Partners uses to build Integrated Business Value into real estate solutions. It's how we get smart, get focused, and get it done. Competitors talk about added value. Few have the process that guides the thinking and applies the expertise that can create Integrated Business Value. We can, and we do.

Let us show you how it works on your next assignment.


We learn your business and see what impact real estate can have on five key business drivers.


We assess your needs, including SWOT analysis, to leverage advantages and mitigate risk.


We align leveragable real estate advantages with your needs across the five key business drivers.


We execute a focused and cost effective plan to deliver your comprehensive, customized real estate solution.

DAAD is the key to real estate strategies and solutions that enhance business performance. We consider how a company's vision, strategy, and business performance drivers can be supported or enhanced through comprehensive alignment with real estate decisions.