Ward Cater Companies

300 Crescent Court
Dallas, TX 75201

Occupier Services Provided

  • Office Tenant Representation
  • Market Assessment and Tours
  • Lease Negotiation


Tyler Thomas, Senior Advisor
214-420-3163 (o)
214-422-9195 (c)
Katherine Jessen, Advisor
972-980-0375 (o)
214-500-5134 (c)
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Space that Reflects Company Culture

The Challenge

Investment firm Ward Cater Companies needed to align its new Dallas office with the existing company culture in a building that conveyed the established brand and clientele served by Ward Cater Companies.

Our Strategic Approach

Citadel Partners made it a priority to gain a better understanding of Ward Cater Companies’ business, assessing the company’s other locations across the country. By examining and evaluating how those offices provided value to the company, the Citadel Partners team discovered that an active, engaging workplace was central to the success of offices in Phoenix and Denver. Citadel Partners set out to replicate that energy in readily available space for the Dallas office. 

The Outcome

Citadel successfully located and secured office space for the Ward Cater Companies at The Crescent, one of the most iconic luxury mixed-use developments in Dallas. The Crescent is easily recognizable and known as the financial center of the southwest, the office and retail complex is the centerpiece of the Uptown Dallas/Turtle Creek Class AA office market.

Citadel Partners found a fully built-out new speculative suite in a prime location within The Crescent. The unique floor of spec suites offers entertaining space and networking opportunities with like-minded businesses. The Crescent’s prestigious reputation bolsters the brand of Ward Cater Companies in the Dallas market while walkable restaurants and amenities create a fun environment for employees to enjoy at work. The new office will serve as an asset in hiring new employees, expanding the company’s local network, and accommodating a quick move.

Client Feedback

Tyler Thomas, Katherine Jessen and the Citadel Partners team could not have done a better job at assisting Ward Cater Companies plant its flag in Dallas. Since our initial discovery meeting, they were precise and intentional in assuring we landed right where we wanted to be.

The team understood our needs, informed us of market dynamics, toured us through spaces efficiently, and went above and beyond to meet our needs and structure the deal to our liking, without exception.

I expressed my expectations once and the team met them with no other discussions needed. I’ve never had a smoother experience and will refer Tyler and his team to anyone that needs assistance with office space. ‘Best in Class’ doesn’t say enough.

CEO at Ward Cater Companies
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